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Anything to salvage here?

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Hi I'm very new to electronics and this was salvaged from a UPS system. I also saw it was hole through, so Im hoping there is something I can salvage.

1. Is there anything dangerous that I should be aware of. (I have careful with it so far, Im not gonna take any chances)
2. If you could tell me what you would take off this board I would appreciate it?

The two big brown caps say 50V 1000uf. If you have any questions please ask!


That looks like the board out of an old UPS that used a ferroresonant transformer. (The new ones use PWM to generate sine waves.) There are no large high voltage capacitors on the board, unlike the newer ones. (There might be a large high voltage capacitor connected to the transformer, just check for voltage using a multimeter before handling.)

As for parts to salvage, the relays and power MOSFETs can be very useful. The ferroresonant transformer itself, if you still have it, can be reused if you can figure out the windings. And the board can be used for soldering/desoldering practice. (Indeed, anything that is not bad can be salvaged. It's just that salvaging small resistors isn't worth the time unless you're going to practice desoldering.)

the many legged bugs on there look expensive :o


* all the mosfets
* relays, looks like one black one and maybe 3 blue ones
* those two 40A fuses
* db9 connector
* red led
* heatsinks
* little black speaker/beeper bottom right-

In addition to above mentioned parts I would add:

* all TO-220 devices even if they aren't MOSFETs
* two bigger brown caps
* two smaller black caps above 40A fuses
* brown block cap on the left side (above black relay) and coil above the cap
* 4-pin connector if you have a male socket with a cable on it
As for the 40-pin bug it looks like a micro from Philips/NXP by the looks of the logo so maybe it can be reflashed.


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