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I am trying to get this ssr to work with my arduino but it just is not happening anyone got an idea why

You need to provide more information about how you are trying to do it.  Schematic, etc.

Hey House...Been working with the Arduino for a while now. I took a look at the link you provided. It appears you are trying to use the SSR-240A25 model of this SSR. I took a look at the spec sheet and noticed that the specific model you are looking at requires an input voltage of 90-280VAC. This is what the 'A' stands for in the part number.

Check out the spec sheet I linked above..you will notice on the second page of the PDF that you want the D version of the SSR which provides an input voltage of 3-32 VDC. I am guessing that would be the SSR-240D25. Make sure you spend 5-10 minutes checking out that spec sheet as that will make or break your project.

With an input voltage of 3-32VDC, you should be able to plug this guy in to whichever pin and ground on the arduino and get results. Hope that helps.

FAIL on my part.
thank you

No worries...I have made that mistake more times than I have fingers and toes. Keep it around though..when you least expect it, that part will come in handy!


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