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Are ATX power supplies based bench power supplies "good"?

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--- Quote ---No, a PSU can work in some cases but it isn't the right tool for the job.
--- End quote ---
That's about it.  A "real" bench has variable voltage, variable current limits, and meters.  A low-end supply will do up to 30V at 3A and cost less than $200, which is enough for most practical purposes, and a very useful piece of equipment to have (useful for charging most kinds of batteries, too.)
A computer power supply has its uses as well, but they're different, and it's NOT a "bench power supply."

in my professional pc build & repair days i was always checking my builds with my scope. even the best pc psus are too noisy for precision electronic lab use but the majority of pc psus out there are cheap crap and really noisy. it is cheaper to buy a used lab psu from ebay than buy a high quality pc psu which still will not give you as clean a power. then you have to also add some voltage and current variable circuitry to it... it just does not make sense. you can get good enough lab psus used for under $50 on ebay... i just got another one, as if i needed it!

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