Author Topic: multi-minute sample runs on I2C bus?  (Read 897 times)

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multi-minute sample runs on I2C bus?
« on: October 21, 2016, 06:16:04 am »
I need to watch the I2C bus for several minutes, at least 5 and maybe up to 15 minutes.  I bought a Bus Pirate V3, not knowing it has an itsy, butsy, teeny weenie, yellow polka-dot buffer size on it.  So I looked at the  Bitscope line and not finding buffer sizes, I emailed them.  They suggested using PulseView to bypass their (small) buffer and just write directly to the host PC.  As a test, I installed PulseView on the Debian Linux box (27 inch screen,) connected the Bus Pirate but can find no method in PulseView to make long term samples.  Is this possible?  If not, how do I do what I need to do, please?  Oh, I  very much need the protocol analyzer to work.  :)

Further, is it possible to only store sample timestamps along with it's data, to save disk space and bandwidth?  15 minutes of 100khz I2C data would be an enormous file size.


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