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Atten ADS1102CA or Rigol DS1052E???

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--- Quote from: mephysto on September 20, 2010, 04:55:57 pm ---some say new firmware could not make mod possible....is it really true?
Today I've got a good offer for this Owon model MSO5022S:  http://www.owon.com.cn/eng/mso.asp
16chs logic analizer could be useful for me, but I'm still mumbling about 25mhz bw and Sample rate(Real time)  100MS/s  seems to be not very good....
Any opinion??

--- End quote ---
I believe there are some reports that suggest that the new version may block the mod, not exactly surprising in my opinion.

25MHz is definitely inferior to Rigol/Instek, and 100MS/s is effective only about 10MHz single-shot (with bonus of extra aliasing). My impression of Owen (not having seen one in person) is that it's a definite step down from Rigol, and Rigol is a step down from the more expensive Agilent/Lecroy/Tek scopes (excluding the re-badged Rigols/Attens).

Logic analyzer can be useful, but I believe the reviews of the Rigol logic analyzer option on RCgroups weren't that positive, so I'm not sure how usable it is compared to a stand-alone USB logic analyzer.

Thanks ALM!!! Your answer is very helpful. I think I'm going to point to rigol definitively. What do you mena with re-badged rigol/atten?

Some of the low end Agilent scopes are basically re-badged Rigol scopes with a few firmware modifications (which is how the Rigol name got known). I've seen some reports that low-end Lecroy scopes are made by Atten, but haven't verified this. These instruments obviously won't be (much) better than their Rigol/Atten cousins. You'd have to move up in their line (probably a few thousand dollars) to get significantly better quality. Not sure about the low-end Teks, I think they're their own design and may have a superior analog and ADC circuit, but have pretty limited record length.


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