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Is this thing worth $20 US clams?  (~$10-15 from Aliexpress) Most of the posts here were from 2016.  Would you point me to any post here that I can read about this kit?  Thanks!

I only found one video about this kit.


As a price comparison, I bought this ATX breakout board bench power supply  from seeedStudio.
The banana jacks are crap.  Haven't really used it much but it does have 1A poly-fuses to prevent fires.   ;D

I don't know if I would buy it again.

Found an aliexpress listing here:


In the reviews there is a recent one from Spain which translated by Google Translate reads:

--- Quote ---Good seller, fast shipping, good packaging in cardboard box, even so the box arrived quite frosty, but the item was not damaged, only the potentiometer knob sunk in its axis. The item in value for money, is correct, but has some flaws. -The potentiometer knob rubs against the methacrylate support, you have to pull the knob out, so that they don't rub... -The potentiometer is very sensitive and you have to turn it very delicately, otherwise the voltage jumps several volts at once , goes from 5 volts to 10 volts, in just one millimeter of turn. -The voltage ranges between 1.8 volts and 10.7 volts, meaning that they have not used the -12 volt cable for assembly. It's a shame, I thought it was going to have a voltage of 24 volts, I didn't like the latter at all. Otherwise it is correct and the voltages and outputs work well. Very unhappy with this item, I'll take it apart and try to improve it.

--- End quote ---

Another listing here:


There are cheaper ATX power supply breakouts (without the buck converter), e.g.:


In using an ATX supply as a base, I would be worried about the fact that there is no current limiting to protect the project.  The slightest oops will see a lot of magic smoke pouring out of something.  Popping fuses isn't really current limiting.

A real bench supply will always have adjustable current limiting.

I have a couple of the simple adapters but I don't use them for anything.  It seemed like a good thing at the time but the Rigol DP832 is a better solution.


--- Quote from: rstofer on October 06, 2022, 12:44:22 am ---... but the Rigol DP832 is a better solution.

--- End quote ---

If it just had a normal number keypad...   :--
I just can't get past the round piece of crap keypad!

I would rather have the Siglent SPD1305X 30V/5A Linear DC Power Supply  and give up the extra outputs. 

Right now I have several of the little Hewlett Packard HP 6216A Variable DC Power Supplies. 
But, I only paid $50 which included shipping. 
We had them in my college labs and I fell in love with them. 
They're not for projects with heavy loads.  Although, multiples can be connected in parallel or serial.

I have also built several power supplies based on the MC7800 and MC7900 series regulators.


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