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Automatic golf ball dispenser

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Hi there,

I managed to make a manual golf ball dispenser that I now want to automate.

Thing is I am happy with a soldering iron but have no clue about electronics. What can you great folks come up with.

Why are you wasting time posting here?
You should be on the way to the Patent Office at 100 mph!!!

They already manufacture these admittedly at an extortionate price.

I was hoping to attach a solenoid to a vibration sensor pad you can put underneath or within the tee that would trigger the solenoid to open but the solenoid would need to open for at least a second with some ability to adjust this timing. That’s the electronics bit I am not too sure of.

Arduino, some type of button (foot switch), and a servo will do the job, but I don't think it would be much better than your gravity powered solution.  It will need batteries.  Yours doesn't.

Rather than a switch I would like to connect it up to vibration sensor switch. I don’t know what boards id need or how to program the Adrueno, is there something someone might be able to point me to. The reason why I want to move away from the leaver is that it moves the bucket. Gradually over time which means it loses alignment with the tee.


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