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Yes this is an amateur question-

I have a Tek 465M. I wanted to view the output of my bridge rectifier circuit. I had it set on 50ms/Div and 20V/Div, but I get a flat line.

Meanwhile, if I hook it up to my function generator with the probe, all looks good.

I hooked up the ground lead to - side of the rectifier and the probe to the + side.

My DMM does show that the bridge is working.

Am I doing something wrong? I tried to put a 200ohm resistor on the output to act as a load. But I still get a relatively flat line

Tried changing coupling, trigger level etc.

Is there a reason why I get no signal on the CRT?


Do you have ripple filtering capacitors? At 20 V/div, you probably won't see much ripple, so the output voltage will be DC, which will be a flat line. However the flat line shouldn't be at ground unless you have AC coupling set.

What's the voltage of the flat line?

Make sure you've set the scope input coupling at AC and slowly adjust the vertical resolution.


--- Quote from: IanB on February 06, 2012, 01:28:02 am ---What's the voltage of the flat line?

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