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Battery Charger-Diference Between SLA, NiCad, NiHm and Lithium-ion


Beginners Question.
What is the difference between the battery chargers of Lead Acid, Nickle Cadmium, Nickle Hydride and Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries? Is it the voltage level? Current? or Pulse?


It's the charging algorithms.

You can read all about it and more at Battery University and other online resources.

Every kind of cell is a different chemical system and responds differently to charging. Control of the rate of charging and detection of when charging should finish depends uniquely on the specific type of cell or battery. (A battery is a group of one or more cells connected together, usually in series. Sometimes charging batteries is a bit more complicated than charging individual cells.)

Important note:
Never ever try to charge a battery on a charger not designed for it.
Especially lithium batteries....very bad things can happen.


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