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Hey guys I am just wondering whats the best way to go to be an electrical engineer once i leave High School? Should I go to University? Thanks in advance :D

Depends on your location's education system, but yes, university or college will be required to get an engineering degree.

There are many ways to get into engineering (that can vary by country), university is just one of them, albeit the most traditional, regnognised and most guaranteed route. It is also the hardest, one of the longest, and IMO one of the more boring ways.
So yes, university is the standard answer to that question.


Great thanks! i guess ill go to university after i leave school. Im Australian. What is albeit? :D

I would recommend uni in Australia, i did not complete a degree and rather worked through the ranks learning on the job ( with a tafe diploma) and don't get me wrong it was fantastic. I learn't heaps and i felt it made me a better engineer however when i applied for new roles they always held it against me.( not having a degree)

If i had my time again i would get the paperwork (degree) out of the way young and then start really learning on the job, and as such i would not focus on the wage for your early years but rather a good job where you will learn and enjoy your time and place yourself in a good position for the years to follow.

I have since obtained my degree as a mature age student and although i don't think i am much better than prior, its removed the "snob - no degree attitude" some HR people have.

Enjoy your time, because the 4 years will fly


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