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David Aurora:
I posted a while back about the interesting experience I've had with Queensland electrical licensing trying to be able to legally build things. I've been back and forth with them a bunch of times and gotten absolutely nowhere. They just flat out can't comprehend that there's a big difference between Joe Blow wanting to wire up his house to save a few bucks and an electronics enthusiast like myself wanting to build a good quality, safe power supply rather than buy the nasty, dodgy pieces of shit sold in stores.

I mostly make audio gear, and without spending stupid amounts of time and effort on filtering, switch mode is absolutely useless to me. Which is all that seems to be on the market these days. The AC plug packs I've seen readily available that class as ELV don't give me the options I'd like for rolling my own DC supply (like having a centre tap, higher current, etc). For the amplifier project I'm working on at the moment, I could go a minute down the road to Jaycar and pick up a suitable transformer any time I want (or pick it up for half the price online haha, but that's another story...). But, of course, I'm not technically allowed to plug it in.

So I'm trying to follow the rules and use a wall wart here, but the only ones I can find require me to scale my design down to the point where it's power output is completely useless to me. But I know over the years I've bought products that came with with external, good quality, high power supplies, and AC supplies with centre taps and all kinds of things, but I can't seem to find where to buy them. All the usual suspects I know for electrical gear seem to just flog cheap chinese SMPS's or really low power AC plugpacks that aren't what I'm after. Any tips where to look? Basically what I really want is a transformer in a box essentially, so I can do my own rectification/filtering and so on but without breaking QLD law by connecting a transformer myself.

Hi David,

maybe this is the right stuff. But it is a german company - don't knew if you can get the units in australia.


They got a bunch of high power ac supplies, but you have to pay for it.

There is another german company and i have seen that farnell is selling these products. But i cannot find those beefy ac-supplies at their page.




David Aurora:
Thanks mate :)

Not quite what I meant though. What I'm after is more plug pack style, a portable thing to use with a device rather than a bench type supply

What output voltage and amp's do you need?


not exactly in a "case", but its big and linear!  :D


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