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Ill keep this short and sharp:
I live in Australia and i am just getting started with electronics.
I am looking to purchase a soldering station, CHEAP oscilloscope (until i can afford a half decent one) and a arduino (prefer it to be a mega 2560 and in a kit). I have looked on ebay and have come across some promising items which i will list here:

I really do not have the money for a $300 basic scope and i live in the sticks so i cant find any one selling a analog scope at a decent price that also offers shipping ;_;. Which is why i listed that USB one, i know what some of you think of them but i really have no other choice (that i know of) at the moment. With the arduinos i believe the sainsmart ones to be off better quality compared to the sintron ones but i would like someone to confirm. That soldering station looks to be fine in most regards.

If anyone could give me some feedback on those options i have listed or provide any known good alternatives it would be greatly appreciated. ATM i have a few simple projects in the back of my head but in the future i would like to experiment with radio (have a buddy who has a ham and is really into it) as well as some basic 3d printing and maybe small drones.


P.S With regards to misc components i am just going to buy them in bulk when i need them hence why i am looking at arduino kits that include things like motors and sensors.

A power supply is not really a priority at the moment since i have found many tutorials on how to build one (i also have a PSU floating around here somewhere) and unlike the other items are fairly common where i live.
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Re: Beginner: Need some help with a list of items [Looking to buy]
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Here is a way to get already made sensors, fun to play with and should be less expensive than the kit.

The Hantek 6022BE is ok for what it is and a far cry better than nothing. Search the forum for more info.

The [Sintron] MEGA 2560 Starter Kit looks Ok, I can't really speak to the price or quality though.

Regardless, have fun with it.


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Re: Beginner: Need some help with a list of items [Looking to buy]
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Okay thanks for that, I will most likely go for the sainsmart ones, from what i have read more people have used them and they seem to be off better quality. Thanks for the reply :P

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