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Hi guys n girls, I currently need opinions on the best quality bench psu that can be got for <= 500.
all feedback appreciated.  :)

Need more information.

What voltages and currents do you need?

Anyway if you are spending $500, I would seriously consider getting two power supplies.

Definitely want at least  a dual output power supplies with supplies that either can be used as separate isolated supplies or tracking +/- supplies. For a second supply, you could probably get away with a smaller single output supply, but it is really handy to have that extra independent supply available.

The new ones with the digital displays, power meters, etc are pretty nice, but older style supplies do the same job. The older transformer based supplies with linear regulators will be heavier and perhaps lower current, but will almost certainly have less output noise. If you are working in audio, it may be a factor.

You may be able to get a couple of excellent second hand HP supplies, and have change left over. The older HP supplies use common parts and the manuals are easily available, so repairs are easy - particularly with no digital circuitry.

If space is limited, or you need a high current supply  in a small space, then you will be looking at something new.


Will probaly need about 30v max and 5amps DC digital display would be nice but not essential, not for audio work just hobby use at this stage, but whatever I can get that would be nice for the future a bonus. not looking at cutting corners just want the best I can get and will get another if the need arises.


ehcaes .. there is tons of information about Bench PSU  at the EEV.

Use the search function, and  if you find the proper candidate, you can ask for more details.

Just my  0.2$

I have an old HP 6227B supply - dual 24v at 2 A and the outputs can be paralleled to give a single 25v at 4A,  or in series 50V at 2A. Large dual meters.
250uV of noise 20hz to 20MHz, 0.01% load regulation, 1mV line regulation. Reasonably compact design.

I got it for under $100 on ebay, but I was probably lucky.

No microprocessors or switching power supplies inside, so easy to repair if it ever does break down.

You definitely can look at the new supplies and you get great specs, but for $500, not necessarily the quality. The digital displays on some are far too slow. On a power supply you need to see a problem instantly, so a display that updates once a second is not good enough.

The HP supplies are usually still working great after 30 or 40 years.  Not so sure if many of the new budget ones from China will last as long. Quality new lab power supplies still cost well over $1000.



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