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I am looking for a good book designed for beginners that teaches everything that I need to know to start creating my own circuits. A couple weeks ago, I purchased the Art of Electronics. This doesn't seem to be a very beginner-friendly book. It never really explains what a resistor does or what current and voltage are and seems to move very fast. I was hoping you guys could point me towards a book that would suit a  beginner like myself.

Also, I really enjoy all of the blog episodes and can't wait for more!


Try these free books


If you live in the UK or USA a good magazine is EPE (everyday practical electronics). This has a TEACH IN series that starts from the beginning. It's available online as a pdf edition and back issues can be bought on CDROM.




The word  " i biblio " at the above link , its Greek words = intelligent book  :)

It depends on what level you're talking about?

Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest Mims is good for beginners but one should bear in mind that it does contain a couple of minor errors (nothing too bad, just some of the example circuits aren't quite right), it's not comprehensive (you'll need to read other books as well) and that it's probably the only book in the RadioShack series which is worth buying. I like it because it's graphical, easy to follow and doesn't contain any maths beyond basic arithmetic which an average 12 year old should understand.

The Art of Electronics is a very god book but if you've never done Ohm's law before, you will struggle with it.

To be honest I'm a bit surprised at the way "the art of electronics" jumps into things and mentions things that are explained later instead of just explaining them, if your doing a 50 page explanation on transistor amps (which in my view is going way too long winded, i just want to know how to built the correct one not how all the simpler models we don't use fail) without explaining other underlying things you've slightly missed target, but then it was written in 1989 when opamps were not all the rage.


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