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Best way to learn how to design your own circuits?

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I can build from a circuit OK, but I'd kinda like to start understanding WHY the circuit does what it does, and eventually get to the point where I can design my own.  It's easy enough to understand OHMs law and what a resistor does and a capacitor and all the rest of it, and which way electrons flow, but I'm still struggling to understand WHY resistors are put here there and everywhere.

Any advice? (good books, websites, pretty girls, etc.?)

hm pretty girls ? how do they help in learning ? apart from being a goal to achive in impressing them but girls are seldom impressed by boys technical skills unless they make thier life easier  ;D

You could try "the art of electronics" although I personally don't like it's style and layout, there are many books but most of of dubios standing particularly thise about microcontrollers written by authors that will tackle any hobby they feel will make a saleable book.

this forum, there is a website called all about circuits that has ebooks to download, you can also glean some info from manufacturers datasheets

I need somebody to pass me the components, and so I thought pretty girls would come in handy :)

The Art of Electronics does keep getting mentioned, but it seems to be so expensive now even 2nd hand.  (supply and demand I guess).

'all about circuits' - ah yeh, got those on my kindle, currently working my way through the first one.


--- Quote from: ecowarrior on February 19, 2011, 05:54:00 pm ---and so I thought pretty girls would come in handy :)

--- End quote ---

To quote the captain in opration peticoat: "I can think of any number of uses but not here and now" - well hang on I'm having second thoughts about that  :P


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