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Boat Motor Trim Sender Design Question

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The wiper rotates with the trim (tilt) of the motor. Why would they short one of the coils?

Sorry, I don't understand the question. Could you elaborate on that?

Parking here to see a good explanation.

You mean why the right one is connected throught both it's ends? Well, for example, when the right slider moves up, the left slider moves down, symetrically. So if the right one would not be "shorted", then the measured sum resistance would be same at any slider position, because when left side resistance increases, right side resistance decreases and vice versa. But this design seems ridiculous for many reasons. What the hell is that??

The effective resistance of the left element would vary linearly with change in wiper position. The right element resistance versus position would be nonlinear because of the parallel resistance of the wiper to each end. Maybe there is some resistance vs rotation curve that matters?


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