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I am a musician.  There is a metronome out called a body metronome and uses a vibrating clip rather than a speaker - so the musician "feels" the beat. *very* cool thing.  Anyways they are $120 and I can make one way cheaper.

I have a couple of eletronic metronomes with ear phone jacks.  These emit a square wave(ish) at 5Vpeak for about 5ms duration.  I also have scavenged a cell phone vibrator motor from an old phone that takes about 3.5VDC max.  I tried connecting the two thinking that the load from the motor would sag the voltage, but nothing happened.  So I am guessing one of a few things.  I need more current, I need a longer on time, I need a little less voltage.

So...  I am thinking I should have a sperate power source for the motor - a rechargeable lithium will do.  And use a transistor to control the power to the motor, and the transistor can be triggered by the metronome.  However, I am unsure about any supporting components or the right spec for the transistor.  Also I am unsure how I can increase the on time (although I am not sure if I even need it)

thanks for the help.

I am also a very involved musician. I will be following this thread closely. This would also probably be great for my students who at the beginning have a hard time grasping the fact you have to play *with* the metronome. Sorry I don't have anything to add, but good luck and I will look forward to progress updates.

IMO the vibrator motor is not a good choice.  Too much time to accerate and decelerate, it would limit the highest frequency you could achieve.   A very small voice coil in a mini speaker might work, possibly with a properly sized weight added that would give a sufficient thump you could feel.  Others on the forum are more versed in giving advice on the electronic end of it.

Well perhaps humour me and let me find out if this will work or not through experimentation.  Any suggestions on the control circuit?

These guys pulled it off at 100BPM - I only need 150 so I think its quite doable: 


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