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Buying electronic Tools for student/hobbyist from India


hi everyone,

I am a student/hobbyist from India. What I find most difficult in India is lack of stores like digikey or arrow that sell electronic components and tools cheap. If I have to buy a Fluke I have to give 100% customs duty. Does anyone know some place (online) or store front that sells some normal priced good meters and scopes in India. My budget is very limited though.

Here is my background,

I had a priced Mastech one I bought for Rs650 approx $15 way some 8 years ago, and it has lost its accuracy, I am somewhat screwed now. I do not have much money as I am a student and couldn't find anything decent in my price range either!

Where in India are you exactly? it's not a small place...

Sorry for the late reply. I am from Kerala. :|

Just to let you know that on Monday I got myself (technically) an Extech ex430 : http://www.extech.com/instruments/product.asp?catid=48&prodid=272 from radioshack. they ran a deal of almost half the price. My cousin got it for me from USA. Will get it by Christmas.

The good thing is that I got it for 1/4 the price it is here in India. Now I only need 3 more DMMs ;)

you will cope fine with 2, start buying some components and experimenting, no point in a shed load of tools and nothing for you to do with them


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