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Can Someone Explain What All This Stuff Is?

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Max Holdcroft:
Hey all,
I'm looking at the datasheet for the ISP_BLE_5S1057 (https://www.insightsip.com/fichiers_insightsip/pdf/ble/ISP1507/isp_ble_DS1507.pdf), specifically the AX variant, and when looking at the example they provide I am completely dumfounded by all the extra stuff they have on the schematic. I'm very new to the whole world of PCB design, so if someone could help I would greatly appreciate it!
I've attached a screenshot of what I mean.
Thank you everyone!
Max :)

If you don't know why all of that extra support 'stuff' is required (like power supply decoupling, master crystal clock oscillator, power pins, GPIO) then why are you even looking at such a complex I.C.??? If you feel you have a need to design that I.C. into your project you would already have a firm grip on the ancillary support required for that I.C. to operate. You need some kind of beginner level FPGA/CPLD/MCU/DSP book. Why would you be tasked to design a PCB around an I.C. you don't understand? The exact layout of the power traces and placement of the decoupling capacitors is both an art and science in itself which you will also need to understand and that pertains to the simplest of the logic families to get stable results.

Max Holdcroft:
Hey CaptDon,
Thank you for your response! I'm using this IC because I'm working under the assumption that it is the best and easiest way to achieve what I want to achieve, which is long range communication between two small wearables. The Bluetooth would talk to the users' phones, which would connect to a server. To be honest I'm way over my head here but I've been told this is the easiest way. I know this is a very large project for someone of my skill level, but I appreciate any help.
Max   :D

Use a module with built in antenna that works out of the box. With this much knowledge you will run into a ton of headaches trying to make a wireless system work. I mean you need thousands of EUR worth of test equipment just to make the antenna semi-decent.

Max Holdcroft:
Hey Tszaboo,
Thank you. I really appreciate the help. Could you point me in the right direction for finding an IC with a built in antenna? I was looking at the Laird BL652 but the lead time is 52 weeks and the dev board costs $150. |O


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