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Can you ID this ST Microelectronics SMT component?

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Please help ID this component. I want to find the Datasheet. I did a google search of
e3 Z3m y725

but nothing can up... this is from a Asko dishwasher control the one next to it has a chip blown off of it....

Is that going into any of the AC switching solenoids or similar components?  Those look like the Triacs I found in a family members dish washer while I was tracing some electrical problems down.  I believe the ones I ran into were switching water valves or somethings like that.  It has been a few years.

the component that is blow is runs a diverter valve 120v motor.

Z0103MN - STMicroelectronics Z01 series Triac; 1 A; 3 mA sensitivity; 600 V


how do I read it.
e3 Z3m y725  ??


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