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Can you tell what size resistors there are?

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--- Quote from: ThermallyFrigid on September 25, 2021, 03:34:26 am ---I have a HarborFreight Digital caliper.

Problem is, every time I measure it I can get a big enough difference to make it either 0805 or 1206.  Fractions of a mm.

If you can "accurately" measure within 1/10 of a mm consistently on a soldered SMD component less than 2mm on a side, , my hat's off to you.  You have me beat.

--- End quote ---
You might not be able to accurately measure the short side (50 vs 60 mils really could be hard to measure, depending on whatever else is on the board getting in the way of proper angles), but the difference between the long sides is huge. The difference between 120 mils and 80 mils is far more than 1/10mm…

I've bought a bunch of cheap digital calipers and they all ended up in the garbage bin. Some even brand new and unused.
The quality of those cheap ones vary, and a lot are just not worth using at all. I've had troubles with bad battery contacts, batteries falling out of the battery compartement, empty batteries whenever you want to use the thing, bad tolerances which cause them to not slide smoothly.

So some years ago I bought a Mitutoyo and threw all the cheap garbage in the bin. and the Mitutoyo just works. should have bought one many years earlier.

There is a middle ground though.
The cheapest digital callipers you can buy are all crap and not worth the shipping costs. Apparently there are some reasonable quality digital calipers for a pricepoint around EUR40 but I have no personal experience with them. There are some reasonable good youtube video's with reviews of these things though.


I use a Caliper often enough to justify this purchase.

I see them on Amazon for $111.00



--- Quote from: ThermallyFrigid on September 26, 2021, 12:08:24 am ---Ok,

I use a Caliper often enough to justify this purchase.

I see them on Amazon for $111.00


--- End quote ---

Why spend all that money when you could just buy a few components of various sizes for comparison?  Like even in single quantity, 0603 and 0805 resistors would be like 10 cents each.  Buy $2 worth and pay $8 shipping for a grand total of $10.  Or add a few resistors to an order of $100 full of other supplies you might need and get free shipping.


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