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could I use polystyrene caps to replace electrolytics? say 22uF &10uF  - sorry for the change,
  I'm building a home made esr meter and have these on hand-

ref  :    www.ludens.cl/Electron/esr/esr.html                              

it depends on the purpose they serve, are you changing for the same values ? more information is needed for a proper answer

You could but polystyrene capacitors in those values would be huge so would be too big to fit a PCB designed for electrolytics.

Thanks, I was wondering as electrolytics do tend to degrade over usage/time and thought their usage in an ESR meter would be counter productive (over time) for accuracy of the meter itself.


The link doesn't work. I suggest you look at where the electrolytic capacitors are used in the ESR. If it's designed correctly the should only be used for supply decoupling, AC coupling in reasonably high impedance amplifiers or filters where ESR isn't too critical.


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