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Ceramic caps and high voltages

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I've been searching for a while but can't find much info about actual breakdown voltages of the typical ceramic caps that come around(class I, I believe). Anyone would have any idea?
I've read 300-400V, but that seems quite low.

Another question I had was how much does capacitance change with voltage with ceramic caps.

Thanks for any more info.

This particular brand (which I often use as they're stocked at Jaycar) are rated at 500V.


You can get ceramic capacitors well into the 40,000 volt range.  They are called 'door knob' capacitors because they look like door knobs.  Not sure if that answers your question.


These particular ones are rated for 50kVDC, don't look much like a doorknob to me though :)

Thanks for pointing out some higher voltage ones:)

Any recs of where to get any of those in EU/with decent s&h fees?


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