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cheap 150W 220V soldering pot on 110V?


simple question:
can i run a 220VAC soldering pot (150W) on 110VAC?
i can change the plug and anything no problem, i just want to know if possible and if so... what will happen?

here`s the item link for you curious people:

i also dont mind modding it, i just want to have one for desoldering tons of component fast and easy without
paying 50$.

edit: sorry for the stupid question between, but you got the only good electronic forum i know.

I don't think it will get hot enough to work.
Also,if the control circuit will even still work,the element will be on all the time.

You could get a 110/220 volt transformer,but it will have to be capable of supplying a 150W load (or a bit more,to be sure).
My suggestion--too many hassles,keep searching for a 110v one


Half the voltage thus half the current. Running it on 110V means it'll only be heating the element with 37.5W

I think the control systems for them are pretty basic but you're better off just finding a 110V model.

Look on ebay instead. DX only sell 220V ones.


alright, thank you for your answer.


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