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Cheap and easy to mount buttons


Hi all,
I need to add some buttons to a board, but since it has to be put into a plastic box, I don't know which is the better way. I don't want to use rubber caps or similar, since mounting them doesn't seem to be easy (but if someone says it is, why not?).

The only idea I have had is to use tactile pushbuttons that have a long head, which will go through a hole in the box, but I don't know if so mounted buttons will be easy to press and enough robust.
Any alternatives?

I've used MULTIMEC - 3ETL9-15.0 - SWITCH, SPNO, 15MM available from Farnell. They are easy to use because they come with a range of actuator lengths so you just pick the one that matches your mechanical design. The actuators also have a bit of lateral play which takes care of any tolerances in the position of your holes!

Besides I couldn't easily find switches like these on Farnell, where I was searching, (but I would have tried harder), I wanted to have an advice from someone more experienced.



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