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Cheapest DIP glue logic


I am looking to by some glue logic chips to prototype in so they must be in dip packages. I also want them to be cmos chips and not ttl. I am looking for which family of logic is the cheapest and for a good place to by them on the cheap. I don't care about the specs that much in terms of speed by I would hope for 5V and the ability to supply 15mA or more. The reason I am asking instead of finding the answers for myself is that I have already tried looking but there seem to be so many families that are very similar and I cant come to a conclusion. Ii was hoping that somebody who had some experience working with them would have some insight into me question.

Are you looking for the 4000 series?

- Patrick

As you want also to drive 5 V you could use the 74HCTxxx which are CMOS based and can work also with the power levels of the ttl

74HC and 4000 series are the most commonl and cheapest. 74HC is faster, 4000 has wider supply voltage range of 3-15V

The 4000 series doesn't  meet that specification because the output current is too low.

74HC is good because it has a supply voltage range of 2V to 6V. HCT is the same but TTL compatible so only rated for 4.5V to 5,5V. I prefer 74HC because I don't have any TTL gates.


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