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Im looking to get a logic probe, any recommendation?

they are alot in ebay? ???

HP 545A

You need to define your bandwidth, input capacitance, 'scope attachment, and maximum voltage. Attachments are usually BNC, some with an extra contact for probe features (attenuation info). It needs to be able to compensate for your oscilloscope input capacitance (5-20pF).

You are likely looking for a 10X probe that exceeds your oscilloscope bandwidth. Measurement bandwidth will be reduced by the probe by this equation:
f_system = ( 1/f_probe^2 + 1/f_scope^2 )^(-1/2)
For example, if you have a 20MHz 'scope, in order to get 19MHz measurement bandwidth you'll need >60MHz probes. If you have a 60MHz 'scope, in order to get 50MHz meas. bw. you'll need >90MHz probes.

<edit> TI has a decent parametric search for probes to give you a starting point in your search.

Wait a tic... you said "logic". I thought you meant 'scope probe. Mybad. You can make your own logic probe for a few dollars.



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