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Hey there.
I am in need of a PSU. The old unit that was gifted me (it has at least 30 years) is not enough anymore.
I usually do not do much power-stuff, and also am kinda on a budget (I can spend up to around 400€ if the benefits are so huge to justify that, but perhaps I do not need expensive things).

I basically need:

* at least two outputs
* at least two of the outputs should be able to go to ~20/30V
* 2A are enough, although I know that 3A is usually quite standard. I normally do not need more than 1A
* short circuit protection is ESSENTIAL since otherwise I would blow up everything after the first 10 minutes
* perhaps, as a beginner, there's something else I need that I do not know
* best if seller is europe-based
After gathering all these requirements, I found (on a seller website) the following products. I actually do not know how to choose because basically I cannot justify the price difference in any way. Also, albeit on a budget, I do not want to buy absolute crap. So here we are

Number one is a KORAD KD3305D (never heard of KORAD before) https://www.welectron.com/Korad-KD3305D-Labornetzteil_1 Datasheet. It's really cheap, and it seems to have everything I need, although I do not know whether it is ok/reliable.

Next is another KORAD, KA3305P https://www.welectron.com/Korad-KA3305P-Benchtop-Power-Supply Datasheet. It costs a little more. No clue what the difference is, apart from having a single knob instead of one knob per channel…

Now I've got a SIGLENT, SPD3303C https://www.welectron.com/Siglent-SPD3303C-Benchtop-Power-Supply . It costs almost 100€ more than the first Korad. Apart from the siglent brand, I do not know why since it delivers less power than the korad at a lower resolution too.

Finally, the monster, which is basically kinda an overbudget thing (but if it's remarkably better than the others I'm willing to make), the Siglent SPD3303X-E, which costs 2.5 times the first korad; https://www.welectron.com/Siglent-SPD3303X-E-Benchtop-Power-Supply datasheet. It seems that the price is justified by a nicer interface and a better connectivity which I do not care about, but perhaps there's more to it I'm missing.

So after all of this I actually do not know. Is there anything better out there for my purpose, that I simply ignored just going to one seller? Which one do you think is best for my needs?

Thanks to anyone who will help me choose and understand better. Cheers

The Korad "P" is programmable.

I use a Korad PSU. There's some overshoot when you first turn it on. That's a complaint that is common. Also, you can't instantly switch between two different voltage settings without cutting power. The relay turns off, and you have to turn it back on.

I broke my Korad, because the stupid encoder stopped working. I took it apart and put a drop of mineral oil in the encoder. But I decided to test it before putting it back together and shorted something on the front panel. (There are like 4 different PCB all screwed and plugged together, and when out of the housing hindsight shows there is one point that can short when the pcb's flop around in the headers).

After replacing the obviously burned out shift register, i find the encoder works perfectly, again. All the display and controls works, but something else broke and there's no output. I bought another... mostly because it proved good enough for me and I don't feel like re-learning how to use a new bench PSU. But my needs are very modest and this is the fanciest PSU I have ever used, so compared to the two other POS i have purchased that burned THEMSELVES up, I'm easy to please.

Some of the latest reviews on Amazon are negative.


I opted to get a used GW Instek GPD-3303S instead. 

Mr. Scram:

--- Quote from: sambonator on February 20, 2019, 12:03:37 am ---Some of the latest reviews on Amazon are negative.


I opted to get a used GW Instek GPD-3303S instead.

--- End quote ---
That GW-Instek is pretty sweet, but it's also in a different class and price bracket.

Here is a quick look at the GwInstek GPE-3323 and a short comparison to the Siglent SPD-3303X-En at the end.



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