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Circuit design to hold one relay and pulse another and the reverse

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I am looking for some advice. I would like to build a circuit with two buttons, after pressing the first button relay one would turn on for two seconds and pulse relay two one second after relay one was switched on. Then for the second button, relay two will turn on for two seconds and relay one will pulse a second after relay two is switched on.

I have been looking into using a 555 time for delays and creating this circuit. I would like to know if this is a good starting point for what I would like to accomplish?

If there is a simpler way to accomplish my goal here can you please let me know what I should look into. Relay one and relay two in this example will change the resistance of another circuit to the desired resistance momentarily.

Thank you for any advice and help getting me on the right path.

Probably doable with several 555s, but oof. For once I'm going to suggest an Arduino.

I'd be using an arduino (or similar) for this

UNLESS it's something related to safety. I don't trust cheap micros and my own code with the safety of people.

Might not be a safety thing but it just sounds like some sort of industrial process or something

If it is use a proper industrial PLC

Thank you Steffalompen and SmallCog for the advice. I will continue to try to make this work with 555 chips.

How about coming at it from a different direction,1 timer for your 2 second on time and a second timer to give the one second delay. 1 switch selects which timer goes to which relay and the other button starts the timer


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