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If I use a crap clamp meter only for its clamp (even though it has leads inputs available) - is there any danger if measuring large currents?
I have this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/VOLT-METER-MULTIMETER-AMPS-AC-DC-DIGITAL-VOLTMETER-OHM-/190487354836 , opened it up today just to reveal it has no fuses whatsoever, and I'm not even sure of any other input protection.

I'm not looking for accuracy, 10% error is accurate enough for my needs.

Dear friend , this is an 10$ toy.

The people who invest money at buying toys , they do not deserve to ask ,
an such question, like you did.

Read the specs , divide the specs at half, so to get an estimate of what it can do.


I agree, it's a toy.

The clamp function only works for AC but I wouldn't recommend it for measuring current through mains conductors unless they're insulated.

As I said, I don't care much for accuracy, only for safety.

For measuring currents of up to about 20A, only for insulated wires - is it safe?
Can something happen if there's a spike of current to 200A? Does it affect the meter in any way other than displaying OL or just wrong measurement?

Oh, and just for fun - this meter is sold locally in stores for the equivalent of 30$-40$. :D


--- Quote from: Haggai on March 20, 2011, 11:55:05 am ---.............. only for safety.......... is it safe?

--- End quote ---

Ok I bet my life that the plastic cover of this device , in one environment with lots of humidity, its capable to offer you a nice shock.
Plus the plastic cover it can become 100 pieces from an simple crash in to a hard surface , and all the inner parts in it,
they can easily become exposed.

Every device can offer safety, at the hands of the expert user.

And the comparison between local price ,and international , its not an indication of quality.



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