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I'm starting to amass quite a bit of components. I found these http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&pa=100256&productId=100256&cid=PDF%09CAT%09169 but I probably have 50 different resistor values alone. What are your thoughts on organizing it all? Does anyone have good storage options?

I'm also having problems keeping track of what I already have. Do you generally use software to track all the things you have?

I prefer using SMT components, so I got hold of a bunch of design kits from this company:


They sell the books with components (which are good value for money), but if you already have lots of parts they'll sell you an empty book for only a couple of dollars, which you can fill with parts and label to your heart's content.

I tend to keep my SMD passives in ziplock bags, it is amazing how little space a couple of thousand SMDs take up, even the biggish ones. I keep the resistors and ceramic caps in generic grey wall mounting drawers in sections, e.g. 0-10R, 10-100R, 100R-270R etc. No reason you couldn't put the bags in those plastic boxes though.

I store most components in fishing bit boxes.

I have over 144 different resistor (all E24 values from 10R to 1M, E12 values from 1R to 10R and 1M and 10M and other assorted values) which are stored in two cases, each filled with tubes containing different resistor values.

I have my parts stored in the drawer cabinets and then a spreadsheet that has a entry that correspond to a drawer and what whats is in it with a link the datasheet, i find this makes things really easy instead of having to search to see if i have a part it.


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