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Connecting arduino to computer with wifi instead of usb

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So you connect with the arduino using a COM port, to upload the sketch, and to communicate values to and from the computer.

Uploading the sketch isnt a problem, because u can detatch the robot anyhow,   but I would like to communicate to the pc whilst the unit is disconnected, with a wifi.

I need to send camera data and motor positions to the computer,  and send motor position changes to the unit.   

Is this easy to setup?

AH I see now!

I just need to communicate through the COM port using this-> https://www.codeproject.com/Questions/1116584/Reading-from-serial-port-using-C-in-visual-studio

So a wifi connection is just a COM port the same?        Thanks I should be right...

You will need either:

1) a microcontroller that has a WiFi radio built into it -- like an ESP32

2) add a WiFi radio to your existing microcontroller board

Communication over WiFi is very different and more complex than communicating over a serial port.

Maybe look at this project:


I have an esp32.

Oh thats a shame,  I wished it was just the same as the COM port,  would have been easier...

I want to use my gpu for the Ai and get the performance boost,  then just use the esp32 as a dummy terminal basicly.

Easier solution may be to do it over bluetooth, you can get little serial to bluetooth boards that just show up as a com port.


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