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connecting Signal generator to oscilloscope

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I bought a used signal generator,freq output 1mhz to 520 mhz. I would like to see the signal on the scope. The rf output of the sg is female type n connector. Can I use a type n to bnc adapter and then a bnc cable directly into the scope? Should I use the scope probe and just probe the type n connector?

TIA for your help.


you can "probe" the socket or a cable with your probe or make a direct cable connection, up to you, the direct connection should eliminate the possibility of picking up other interference

Yes, you can use adapters as you mentioned. Another way would be to use N-type cable and N-female to BNC adapter at scope end. Note that most RF equipment assumes terminated connections, so if your scope does not have internal 50 ohm termination option, then you should get 50 ohm BNC inline terminator, like this:

That is better than T-branch and separate termination.


Make sure you connect the feed-through terminator directly to your scopes input, you want to keep the stub in parallel with the terminator as short as possible (which is why a feed-through terminator is better than a tee and regular terminator). Converting it to BNC and using a BNC cable (or N-to-BNC cable) and terminating it at your scopes end (either internal or external feed-through terminator) would be the best solution in my opinion.

Thank you all for your help.

Where can you buy the terminator you showed in the picture?




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