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Convert US standard 115V to International 230V

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Hi all,

I am working on a medical device that operates at US standard 115V and 50-60Hz (with estimated 20Amps, we require 20A outlet). We are being considered for out first international sale that requires 230V and 60 Hz. Im assuming this is commonly done and will involve some kind of step down transformer. I haven't done something like this before... could someone please explain the process and components that would be needed to achieve this? Additionally, how would I go about testing said system after it is complete and prior to sending out the device (how would I test the now 230V system in the US to do verification testing)? Thank you all.

First, it's 230 V 50 Hz.
Second, it's usually done by design today, using power supplies with 90...250 V input range (switching PSUs).
The transformer solution is possible, but heavy and bulky.

I suggest a revisit of your design. Medical is normally not very cost sensitive, so there should be space for a respin.


--- Quote ---First, it's 230 V 50 Hz.
--- End quote ---
not always,theres the odd place or 2  ,like south korea , were its 60Hz


--- Quote from: themadhippy on April 22, 2024, 06:38:27 pm ---
--- Quote ---First, it's 230 V 50 Hz.
--- End quote ---
not always,theres the odd place or 2  ,like south korea , were its 60Hz

--- End quote ---
Actually a lot: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mains_electricity_by_country

The easiest way to get from 120 to 220 volts is with an autotransformer.  Yes, it's large and heavy, but if you're looking at a 20A outlet, this probably isn't a portable device.

Benta is correct that it's usually 220V @ 50 Hz so the transformer won't fix that.  He's also correct that a universal input medical-grade switching supply is the preferred solution.  They're available as off the shelf items with whatever voltage and current ratings you need.  Note that the 'medical grade' tag will result in a significant cost increase.  But unless there are some specific reasons why a switching supply isn't appropriate, that's the recommended solution.  Using a standard, certified power supply may also help when it comes to electrical certification for your unit.



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