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Does anyone know where I can get a cheap copy of art of electronics? They seem to be very expensive wherever I look.
Also, I heard there is a new edition coming out this year or next. Should I hold of getting a copy until then? Is art of electronics dated enough that this should be a concern?


Amazon sells it for $77.88; used for $46.89; used plastic comb binding for $16.75. Get the hardcover, though. There are some illegal ebook torrents available, too, but I would recommend updating your antivirus software first. I wouldn't hold out for the revised version, as the current one rules and you would be without it 'til the next is released.

It's often been said that the 3rd edition will build on the 2nd more as an addendum than a replacement.
I feel your pain on the price, but I picked a used hard back version up from Amazon last March and for me it was definitely worth it. You'll probably be glad you did.

"We should say that new editions of the texts that we use in this course are due in about a year and a half (and always have been). So, you may want to shop for used copies of both books—then buy the hot new editions in 2010-11?" (PDF)

If it comes out, it comes out. It would be nice, but it won't make the 2nd Ed any less relevant.

Its not a good idea discussing piracy here. ;) did you get my PM psycho?


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