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I am thinking of using a couple schematics of existing products that are on the market today and duplicate the item as my own (single / personal use only) using SMD instead of Through-hole. Say that in a few years, I want to sell the one-off items because I no longer use them on ebay and by some off chance, the person that buys it works for the company that came out with the original product.

Even though the outside is different, the electronic circuits and part specifications (values) are exactly the same. Would they be able to take legal action against me?

Not if you don't get caught. ;D

copyright is more for written and visual works, eg code on a microcontroller, graphics and maybe in a pinch the PCB design. electronics depending on your circuit is pretty much public domain so to speak if it uses off the shelf parts, however if it uses a specialist chip they probably dont want anyone trying to rip it off (eg a micro controller or ROM etc)

as willie said, i've never heard a circuit is copyrighted, only logo, code, and name. a circuit or idea is usually patented which will expires in several years anyway. if you sell it now and get caught, then they can sue you, but if its already expired, then it become public property.

If you're talking about one off items, I doubt very much if the original designer would make too much fuss.
At the very worst, you might end up not being allowed to sell the items.

If you were making the items for resale then that's a different story.


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