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Howdy, first time poster here, requiring advice and input from those who know, because I dont.

I require a data logger to record amps/time/volts etc. The info on the electrical motor is as follow:

* 575 Watts
* 60Hz
* 120V
I need to log the amps over time and be able to export it in a graph/data sheet. I think a normal plug in logger unit will be best for our use. What we want to achieve is log the change in amps that will indirectly show the change in torque as the motor works hard or easier. There are so many products available that I am lost as to which is applicable or best suited.

Your inputs will be much appreciated, thank you.

PS: We are using the motor to mix materials and need to measure the mix's resistance when doing so. Seeing that we cant measure the torque, the best way is to measure the amount of amps required during the mixing, plotted over time. This will enable us to compare different mixes and how "easy" or "difficult" they mix.

Rather than log the data, load into excel and generate a graph, perhaps instead you can use an oscilloscope to see the data in real-time?

If you can slow the time-base way down to 10 or 20 seconds per division, you can get 2 or 4 minutes of graphing on the screen.

Do you really need to record the volts? Normally that is close enough to constant to be considered as such, though you could monitor it for a while to get an idea of how stable it is. What I would try in this case is put a current transformer on the supply to the motor and then interface that to the ADC in your microcontroller of choice, that is assuming you want to build something yourself. The most common and beginner friendly solution is probably going to be an arduino, you'll need a simple analog front end for the current transformer and then you can log the data to a SD card. Loads of other ways to accomplish this but that should give you something to think about.


--- Quote from: John-O on August 10, 2022, 09:43:28 pm ---There are so many products available that I am lost as to which is applicable or best suited.

--- End quote ---

It seems you'd rather find a product rather than roll your own system out of a current transformer + MCU -- is that right?

It might help if you listed some of the products you've looked at and we could comment on their pros/cons/suitability.


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