Author Topic: DC-DC BST900 Boost Converter Need help to repair  (Read 708 times)

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DC-DC BST900 Boost Converter Need help to repair
« on: November 19, 2018, 04:30:23 am »
I used my DC BST900w Boost Converter to charge my e-bike , we had a storm this weekend that blew my bike away while the charger was still plugged in and pulled the charger into some water

now I thought I had dried it all but forgotten to empty out the water out of the socket of the controllers breadboard , so when I started it up the voltage kept creeping up until it hit max voltage and something  zapped , I can not see any damage however , but it no longer outputs boosted voltage  if I have 24v input it will not output 53v but will output only 24v @ 0 amps  and has VO and CC LED lit , if I have 48v input ( 52 ish volts) it will just pass that through and show the current draw but will not limit the current or limit the output voltage  , ideally all I need is a current limiter to get me out of trouble I  keep the 13s lithium cells @ 53.3V and want to charge them @ 1a  ( 4a Max )

any idea where I should start looking , if trying to boost from 24v to 48v ( 53.3v ) the constant Voltage LED lights up then goes immediately off
the circuit can still detect the voltage on the output side

these are cheap but I need a solution for charging my bike while I wait for a replacement
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