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Desoldering tool Hakko 808 - Good idea for beginners?

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I'm just starting out and I'm currently setting up my hobby lab.

I am getting the Hakko FX-888 soldering station but this Hakko 808 desoldering took looks like a good thing to have also.

It's simple to use. I do plan on getting a rework station after I get all the basics first. I am starting from scratch with the Hakko FX-888 this weekend and possibly the Hakko 808. I had a terrible time trying to desolder some capacitors with a cheap direct wall plugging soldering iron that I want to jump right in and buy this $170 desoldering unit  ;D

Most people get on just fine with a manual desoldering tool so generally a powered one isn't needed.

But never having used a powered one myself I cant really say much about them.
They're probably quite handy on 6-8 layer pcbs where you need to keep the heat applied while sucking out the solder.

Its a good desoldering unit, made for industrial use and through hole parts, but it could be overkill for your current level of use.  A simple hand pump desoldering tool works well in the $5-10 range.  When you find its too slow for what you need, then you are ready to move up to a powered unit.

I like more ZD987 and ZD985 that i use on daily basis. The desoldering tool is much smaller and lighter than the Hakko where everything is pushed in the handle.

This took just minutes : http://www.hacklordsniper.com/Slike_projekata/Projekt_(4)/Slika%20(7).JPG

Since you are making a hobby lab you can be sure you will want to recycle alot of components

I do plan on recycling a lot of components.

I tinker a lot with computers and do my own builds but never repaired any broken except for a video card that I put in the toaster oven and it fixed the problem. I want to start repairing stuff instead of throwing it out.

That's why I think it's worth while to get a good unit.


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