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Identifying components thread
« on: February 13, 2024, 12:01:14 pm »
I searched the forum for a global thread to post pictures of components we need to to identify. I couldn't find one.
Maybe this could be a single mega thread with that purpose instead of having multiple small threads for each one of us needing help!

I have removed a few components from a smoking machine and many of these components are SMD, therefore, minimal description / references are on top of these components.

Here is a picture of a few I need help to identify

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Re: Identifying components thread
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2024, 07:02:48 pm »
Most of the time many components can be identified easily.What you need to know is what package is used. Exact dimensions and footprint are crucial. Larger packages may have a manufacturer logo that can narrow down the search. Model numbers will be the first to appear after logo most of the time.
There are resources that will help. 
There are others.

Where the component  used in a circuit is very important. Other components it's connected to, in circuit, can help identify it purpose. Circuit diagrams of the device help a lot if available. Drawing out a picture of the copper traces to each pin and any components connected to those traces. Photos of both the Front and Back of the circuit board. 

#1  Has an ALPHA and OMEGA logo with the model number 66644 beside it. The package is a Dual-Flat No-leads 8 (DFN8). Just from that I can search and find AONS66644 which is a 60V MOSFET.
#2 is a  SOD-123 diode marked SL.  1N5819 1.0A Schottky barrier rectifier
#3 SOT23  Marked A7   BAV99 High-speed switching diodes
#4 SOT-23-3L 3415    Huamei Semiconductor Linear voltage regulator IC LDO, 1.5V±1.5%, 500mA
#5 SOT-23-5 or SOT-25 This is where a circuit diagram comes in handy as it could be a Linear voltage regulator or Voltage detector
#6 SOT-23 2SC4410 NPN transistor

Now this does not guarantee perfect success, but having as much information as possible about the component helps.
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Re: Identifying components thread
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2024, 07:08:17 pm »
Just for reference, there is a sticky 'mega thread' here...
Best Regards, Chris
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