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I am currently experimenting a little with ripple measurement. I have a DS2302A and a MSO5354 from Rigol.

I connected two Rigol PVP2350 probes (Differential probe for poor people  ;D) to it (The same in each case), both set to 1:1. The two oscilloscopes I have also (at least I hope so) set the same. And then put both channels together with "A-B".

The actual result looks basically the same, at least in the snapshot.

On the Rigol DS2302A it looks like this


And on the rigol MSO5354 so:


However, there are always short outliers of this type on the MSO5354, but these do not occur on the DS2302A.


At first I thought of interference that was interfering with the MSO5354, but not the other oscilloscope. These "interferences" are not regular either. Sometimes it happens every few seconds, sometimes it happens every 10 seconds, etc.

So I just recorded a few frames. And here's the weird thing. When I run the sequence completely (i.e. press the play button), this "interference" comes up too. But not always at the same frame. So when I play the sequence, sometimes you see a glitch on 18 frames, sometimes 2 or 3, and always on different frames.

And all this during the same recording.

If I go through the frames one by one, then I don't see this "disturbance" on the individual frames. But when I switch from one frame to the next, it happens from time to time that this "interference" is visible for a short time, but then it disappears immediately.

I could only make this "disturbance" visible via the PC by pressing "Print Screen" so often, until I could catch this phenomenon.

On the DS2302A, I can't create this phenomenon. Either the problem is now sitting in front of the table  8), or the MSO5354 has a small computational problem.

Many greetings
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Re: Different behavior of a Rigol DS2000 and MSO5000 oscilloscope
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How about a short explanation for future reference?
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