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As a beginner hobbyist that is still in the primary stages of learning, I am not able to justify spending a lot of money on expensive test equipment because I do not know how much use it will get. Of course things that I do find will need a lot of use, I will spend the money.

I bought a couple of Elenco through-hole kits to get me started and I enjoy the DIY assembly aspect of it.

What would be some good beginner / hobbyist level DIY test equipment that would be ideal to have?

If you like soldering and have no gear right now, a basic toolset at least is a DMM and power supply.  I think Elenco has these linked on the root page.  If you build them they should be decent and safe for use on DC only circuits and general other projects [ instead of batteries, that is.]

The AC Receptacle Tester w/ GFCI is useful, but it doesn't look like a kit.


I have a good soldering station, the Rigol DS1052E oscilloscope, a couple of multi-meters and a linear power supply (1v to 30v / 30 amps) just arrived, so I am covered there.

One of the things I want to do is make my own Capacitor Substitution Box and 1% 1W Resistor Substitution Box but with tighter tolerance parts.

Is there any other general test DIY test equipment that you can suggest? Link with schematic would be very helpful.

is there anything that you need to test right now ?

The guys at Elenco could not fit the capacitor symbols on the PCB for the capacitor substitution box?    :o


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