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Does an electrolytic capacitor work in vacuum?

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Electrolytic capacitor in vacuum

I have to design a printed circuit board for a cubesat (small educational 1 kg satellite). The circuits on this PCB have a few capacitors from 10 uF to 2200 uF.

Question: Do electrolytic capacitors work in vacuum? If not what alternatives do I have?

They might work but I doubt they put electrolytics in satellites in the first place.  Tantalum is an alternative that might work for you though they are slightly more expensive.

They will work if at the right temperature.

Check the standards in the aerospace industry (NASA does their own standards too), I am sure it is very tightly regulated and you are forced to use specific types.

The price is not a problem. They can be 3-4 times even ten times more expensive than ordinary (electrolytic) capacitors. I am just looking for some capacitors that can work in space and also have a volume as small as possible because those cubesats are so tiny (in comparison with ordinary satellites) that any cubic centimeter of their volume is valuable space.

Look at tantalum capacitors than.  Liquid tantalums will have the best size/capacity ratio but they will probably be more temperature sensitive.  I think you are good on the pressure side for both tantalum and electrolytic.



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