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Where you guys are buying electronic/electric parts etc.?

1) Is there any good website with detailed specifications - technical, dimensions etc.
2) Online stores that contain widest choice of parts like - electrical cables, electric isolation, electronic components, switches etc.
3) Delivery in Europe

Please share your online stores.
I'm currently searching for specific parts (industrial strength cables, auto/truck switches with 24V 8A/16A ), but in general would be nice to know any good online stores which match my criteries.
Searching in aliexpress, but most of that stuff lacks real technical documentation and it is limited with choice, website filters are terrible - not detailed at all.

RS Components, Farnell and Digi-key all have wide ranges of parts and technical info. They all as far as I am aware deliver in Europe.

RS, Farnell  mainly and Digikey
I used TME once but I'd rather stick to UK suppliers.

Mouser - delivery to sweden is free, no import duties (imported to France first which seems to get round the cost), reasonable prices, huge selection and fantastically fast.

TME - reasonable however sometimes it is hard to understand when orders will be shipped and they can be split up, postage costs, .....

I can order and receive it in exactly 7 days. I can order from companies within Sweden, who have stock, and I have to pay for postage and it usually takes longer to arrive..... Highly impressed.

When looking for components and component sources I many times use https://octopart.com/
besides finding the component it lists several places to get it and you can even make some of them your favorite so the show up first.


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