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Electronic heaven in Shenzhen, China

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I bump into this blog entry about an "electronic heaven" in Shenzhen, China called SEG Electronic Market that I would like to share with everyone...

I've been there before a few years ago ( that time I wasn't into electronic yet ) to accompanying a few friends looking for cheap mobile phones..

Really an amazing place!!!!

"Akihabara, Eat Your Heart Out"

and one of the comments was really funny :-

daqq says:
January 31, 2007 at 3:01 pm
That’s heaven! When I die I wanna go there ;-)

Google Maps location :-


I smell that some one is looking for customers ...

But Admins should decide , whats next ..

I'm from Malaysia and hv nothing to do with that mentioned blog or the location/building... just sharing an interesting electronic place that I've been mentioned in the blog article..

Did you ever read that article b4 posting a quick reply ?



Well if this " interesting electronic place " uses money ... then its a business  , and belongs in an another forum category like    Buy & Sell

Stan001 I have been in similar markets in Beijing, you feel like a kid in a candy store, you want to buy everything you see ! Prices are really cheap. Even if you already have something you still want to buy similar stuff.

The one I go in Beijing is 5 stories with everything you can imagine, you name it, is there.

I go to Beijing very often and that is a official stop everytime I go there.

Good post.


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