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Hello there! I am a computer tech working for a small company, who has been getting more and more interested in the electronics side of things. I usually just do the standard virus cleanup, computer assembly, upgrade, custom build etc. Ive been wanting to learn more about actual circuitry and how it all works together.

Anywho, I have recently started picking up some more tools for fixing lcd monitors and power supplies, as well as for the hobbyist in me. Some of the stuff I picked up are kits that I have to assemble myself. I thought this was great, and a great way to learn some electronics on the fly, without having to drudge through the books so to speak. which I will be forced to do anyway if I continue on this path  :D I picked up the Elenco analog multimeter kit as I thought it would be great to make my own multimeter and in the end have something usefull to use as well. I also picked up the AM/FM radio kit, as well as the Blue ESR Meter and Ring tester kits Those too should be helpfull and fun to build.

Anyway what I am asking is are there any other kits out there. Maybe even some that get progressively harder as you go along, that are actually helpful to you once you finish them? Yes kits that are fun to build that are merely toys in the end have their place and are great fun too, but I was hoping for something like your own diy 0-30v 3A variable DC power supply, a real oscilloscope that you can actually use for something not that 1-2mhz thing Ive seen on the net. Or in fact anything (including toys) that get harder to build. I have a hot air reworking station on its way, so smd designed kits are perfectly fine. But I have rambled on enough as it is. I think you get the idea of what I am asking.

Oh and I love the EEV blog, I find it great, and Dave you are an inspiration. I hope I get to know some of you more!

Power supply projects are classics that you'll use every day. Pick one and modify it, rather than just build it on-spec.
And I hope your projects DON'T work first go and you'll have to troubleshoot them, that's when you learn the most!

Have fun.

Thanks for the feedback! Do you have any recommendations on what kit to get, and what mods to do to it? Or even a diy parts list and schematic? Or shoot, even a good book recommendation that explains the ins and outs of smps?

I am in the process of converting my radioshack electronics learning lab into dc 9v powered, with resistors to step down the voltage to 7.5/6/4.5/3/1.5v depending on which section you use. It has a switch so I can still use 6 AA batteries to power it if I want.  :D Its a fun little project, but I am still very new to electronics and I dont know if resistors are the only things I need, or if I should put a capacitor in their to smooth out the voltage, and a fuse, or what have you to make sure the current is stable and doesnt fluxuate from power surges or what have you.  ??? I should probably get some good books, I got the 2 basic ones that came with the learning lab, and I picked up practical electronics for inventors by paul scherz, but I have never been one for reading, I would rather do it  ;D

Anyways back to making smoke

Here is a free SWITCHMODEâ„¢ Power Supply Reference Manual


Thanks a bunch, I hope to start researching on them for a future project!


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