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I have found a lot of good document on this topic. thank you

While not a dedicated site for tutorials, the articles at the Elliott Sound Products site are some of the best I've ever read, particularly if you're into building audio equipment and/or test gear:


For instance, I have yet to find a better discussion of DC servo circuits in as concise a format, and his practical, experience-based comments on topics such as heat sinking and op amps are refreshingly direct and helpful.

The top of the Index page (the above URL) doesn't look promising, but scroll down a bit and your patience will be rewarded.  Great stuff!

Cliff Matthews:
Another good easy reading resource is the topic list page for 23 years of Jack Ganssle

Yes, it is a good and big book. The question is how much time are are ready to invest? I never learned this theory (and probably I should) mainly because of intimidating big books on paper. Another very good book is:


Nowadays everything is in internet and it is faster and very efficient than a book, because you have cross-check with multiple results, experience from many people, simulations, pictures and so on.
I believe the Schaum's outline series is one of the best start-ups. Link here:


I hope it helps!

Throughout my decades in electronics and as an EE undergrad and graduate student, knowing which book or textbook to use was a torturous process of research and trial & error that eventually led me to (in my opinion) the best collection of books that I enjoyed studying in the past and learned a great deal from and those that I still go back to right now. Even though I doubt that they can be acquired for free, I'll use this long thread that I think makes it easier for younger hobbyists and students to find the jewels. They could be found second hand on ebay quite cheap, especially an older edition, since those sciences didn't change much in the last few decades
Here is a short list my favorite books that enjoyed and still have but rarely use now:


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