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Schaum's Outline series is a great resource for studying for tests, learning, and keeping on your bookshelf for reference. I have about 20 of them. There is a book about everything and I never paid for any one book (used, like new) more than $7 with shipping on ebay. The best ones are the Numerical Methods, Electric Circuits, Feedback Control Theory, Analog and Digital Communications Systems, Calculus, Advanced Calculus (it is actually signals and systems), Electromagnetics, ...etc.

This control one for example is a large book of over 500 pages and hundreds of solved and supplementary unsolved ones with answers and examples that has everything a heavy textbook that cost hundreds of dollars has.

Many of them can be found as downloadable PDF with a simple browser search

I forgot to mention two books. The first is the best book I used when I first studies electronic circuits academically. The second is (I guess) supposed to be a high school textbook, but I discovered much later in life and I still enjoy today. I have other "weird" interests that are a little far from (or at the edges of) EE like radar, tensor analysis, statistical physics, that I won't go through here.

see attached (book cover and inside pages) from my book acquisition days - the preface says:

 "This manual provides meaningful and practical laboratory support for a circuits course in solid-state electronics at the secondary school level. The student is assumed to be concurrently studying the related theory manual, Theory for Transistor Fundamentals and Circuits, also published by Electronic Aids, Inc., or a compatible text."

There are 26 Experiments - using the plug in modules and other indicated test equipment and passive and active components.

Sherlock Ohms:
This link is no longer valid.

Thanks a lot. If possible, please add some books on Embedded C programming.


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