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Hi, here you can find an interesting video about measuring the noise introduced by an amplifier:

video on the DC motor control PID example in Hayes's lab book for The Art of Electronics

If you need any information about electronics, books and course material then this forum will be very helpful for you

If you are looking for a disciplined self study, here is what I am using to emulate a first year course (leaving aside the needed mathematics):

Real Analog on You Tube
Dave's lectures on EEVblog YouTube
NI/Thinkscape Series and Labs
Analog Discovery Package of labs
MIT Courseware
Solid State Workshop Circuit Analysis (You Tube)
Heathkit Basic DC Course

I found all of these were needed for me to finally get the basics of ckt analysis which is the basis for understanding even basic input and output matching.

I was originally taught using the NEETS curriculum but find that overlooks too many nuances.  None of the above covers all the nuances, but seem to dove tail into each other.

Art of Electronics was useless to me.  I think it likely has a place as a refresher.

Took me 2 months with some intense days and several couple day breaks. the labs are important.  AS well as breaks to refresh math.

I DO suggest starting with the REal Analog lectures.  But then you do need to look at other lectures to get a stronger understanding.  I can now look at a network and not panic, which happened after just watching the Real Analog lectures.  Now I just take the long way instead of the smart way; but that will come.

On to caps and coils.




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