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I'd like to start a list of freely (and legaly) available electronics primer and course material, books and other stuff, similar to the datasheet database.
There were some great links in various topics but they get easily lost.

freetechbooks.com has dozens of books on various topics.
Mostly computer sciences, programming and mathematics but also electric circuits and signal processing.
New material are added, a RSS feed is availible.

NEETS (Navy electricity and electronics training series) link

--- Quote from: FreeThinker on January 01, 2011, 05:55:37 pm ---The Complete NEETS (Navy electricity and electronics training series) is available here http://www.phy.davidson.edu/instrumentation/NEETS.htm in PDF which you can download for FREE.Answers to asignments are NOT included if you are not 100% certain your answer is correct reread the lesson ALL answers are in the text.If you get stuck post on the forum.The module you need (for multivibrators ) is #9, but all are worth a read.

--- End quote ---

good idea I've made it a sticky, Also This topic is full of goodness: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/beginners/online-resources-for-self-education/

I don't want to make any advertisement for another forum, but here you can find a lot!
All are legal and free!

While it is from one specific company (hopefully not seen as spam, I promise I don't work for them) the tutorials on Sparkfun's website are pretty good. (http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials) The bite-sized tutorials in particular are nice for good information packed into small space for a quick read in your spare time. Not as much detail as you would get in, say, Horowitz and Hill, or even some of the other resources listed here, but a good place to start.

Here's two that I've found useful:


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